The “Workhorse” is a commercially rated Cyclonic Upright Vacuum with a proven record of durability and performance. A single motor clean air through-flow fan system provides superior suction whether cleaning carpet or when using the accessory hose. The design has been certified to efficiently and effectively clean your home or business. The workhorse is the “go to” vacuum for discerning homeowners and professionals alike.


The workhorse is as durable as it is efficient with units in the field for over 30 years. We also provide parts and service so your vacuum is not a disposable appliance like the ones you buy in the retail stores.


A vacuum cleaner can be broken down into three basic functions that remove and capture the dirt from your carpet. First there is an agitator that loosens the particulate from the carpet. Second, a vacuum fan/motor generates airflow that moves the dirt from the nozzle to the filter. Third filtering the air, removing the dirt and dust from the working air stream and returning cleaned air into the room.


Agitators generally consist of a brush roller or beater bar driven by the motor through a belt. Some applications like bare floor cleaning just use the airflow through a nozzle without an agitator but for carpeting the vibrating action of the brush is more effective to release the
particulate that gets stuck in the carpet fibers. The Workhorse brush roller is stiff enough to be an effective cleaner yet not so aggressive as to cause carpet damage.


The two basic vacuum fan/motor types for a vacuum cleaner vary in how they are arranged relative to the filtration system. The two systems are called Clean Air Systems or Dirty Air Systems. The clean and dirty actually describe the working air as it goes through the impeller or fan of the airflow system.


In a clean air system the air is filtered before entering the fan providing the opportunity for the most efficient fan design and has a durability advantage because the abrasives like sand or items that cause breakage like coins or stones are removed prior to entering the airflow impeller.


The dirty air system passes the dirt laden working air through the impeller before filtering it. The design of the dirty air fan is compromised because everything you picked up has to go through it. Some design issues include eroding it with sand and limiting the airflow performance because of the size of the stuff you pick up. The old style soft bag units are exclusively made with dirty air blowers while hard body units may be clean or dirty air.


There are also two basic types of fan/motor designs: Through-flow and Bypass systems. A through-flow system uses the working air to cool the motor while a bypass system uses outside air to cool the motor. Dirty air systems are not candidates for the through-flow cooling for obvious reasons.


The two most common categories for filtration are filter bags and bag less systems. Filter bags have filtration efficiency ratings based on the materials used in their construction but they all lose airflow performance as they clog.


The Workhorse uses a two stage cyclonic system to remove debris and dust from the air and a dual filter to remove very fine particles before returning the air back into your room.

The Workhorse has been tested for cleaning performance, filtrations efficiency and against carpet damage. Satisfied owners range from homeowners to professional housekeepers as well as commercial cleaners. We build the workhorse in our facility in West Michigan with components manufactured here in the US. Our service is second to none and our experienced technicians are available to assist you if you have questions or need help.

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